Not that I worked yesterday (at least not at my 40-hour).

But I’m ready for the weekend. I have such a laundry list of things to get done, it’s ridiculous. I have laundry and things that need to be washed, dishes and a kitchen that needs to be cleaned, and a living room and bedroom that need to be organized.

I’m planning on taking both dogs to theĀ boat show in February to see how K-Bug will do on the dock. Yellow Dog I’m not too worried about, except after his little episode at last years boat show. I’m only concerned really about Speed Retrieve, since they have switched to a b & w bumper, and not a DFT or the Flappy anymore. But hopefully we can get there early enough on Saturday to get in line to practice Speed Retrieve, and since I will be checking in early, I won’t have to mess with that stuff on Saturday:)

The snow was a ton of fun with the pups yesterday. Yellow Dog ran around like a puppy and K-Bug was a total goof ball! They are both just big dorks when it comes to stuff like that!

I totally need to get my lazy duff on to the treadmill or something, or the doctor is going to be super disappointed in me when I go back to see him in a couple of weeks. However, if it would stop with this crazy-ass snow for a little while, getting up early to go workout at the FH gym wouldn’t be such an issue!

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