April Showers

I am so glad that the weather is finally warming up some. And doing so in a consistent manner, versus being really nice for one day and then super cold and crappy the next. Only three more working days until tax season is over (for me) and then I can get back into some kind of routine.

While I only work a few days out of the week during tax season, there is something about it that throws everything off. If I want to go running, I have to do it on days that I would normally go to yoga on. And since I’ve been trying to take the dog running with me, that doesn’t really work out for yoga since she is at home, and yoga is a good 30 or so minutes away.

Then add in the fact that each weekend I am working or doing something that takes up a majority of one day during the weekend, or both days even, it’s a little hard to do my bulk house cleaning. Not to mention that is a little difficult to clean house when you have the dog equivalent of a two year old running around your house. And since I don’t have a completely fenced in back yard, he can only go out on a leash. Which means he doesn’t get to burn off all that excess, pent up energy he has going on. There are dog parks, but a) he isn’t fixed yet and b) a lot of the owners at these dog parks don’t pay attention to the dogs nor do they understand the signs that a dog isn’t ready for such stimulus like a dog park. So we really don’t frequent those. Rusty does have an appointment next week, so we will be checking on neutering and get some kind of time line down on that, and then it’s simply a matter of getting fixed and healed up (fingers crossed for a negative heartworm test!) and he gets to come down to work where he has a big fenced yard to run in and lots of people to pay attention and give him love. He is a very good dog, and I think he will be so much happier down here and not cooped up in a kennel for the majority of the day.

I hope to spend the rest of this week and weekend planning menus, cleaning, and getting things sorted out so that once tax season is officially done for me, I can step right into the routine I need and want to have and don’t have to worry about anything else!

And I’m Sickly

Happy first day of Spring!!

So glad winter is finally officially out of here. Now I just hope that it stays Spring out, and doesn’t revert back to winter like we had a few times last year (I think it was last year at least).

But lucky me-I believe I am battling what is a sinus infection. Tuesday afternoon I started getting that sneezing tickle-like feel that typically precede the stuffy nose that comes with a sinus infection. Which is a bummer. I grabbed to Power-C Boost juices when I stopped at the grocery store Tuesday evening in hopes of warding it off or at least attempting to put as much vitamin C in my body as possible. Then I downed one as soon as I got home and took a small dose of NyQuil before bed, but woke up feeling blah. So I tried some allergy medicine and some day time cold and sinus meds, but those didn’t seem to help. Especially the allergy medicine, since I had a massive allergy attack later in the day. So I took more allergy meds and daytime cold and sinus meds. I figured I’d probably have a heart attack considering how much medicine I took over the course of the day.

Now here we are a few days later and it seems to have moved from one side of my head to the other. Thank goodness my Honest Co. sampler box arrived because I have a feeling I am going to be putting the healing balm to good use.  My nose and lips are getting so dried out and chapped from constantly blowing and wiping my nose it’s ridiculous.

I have the whole weekend off, and I can’t begin to tell you how much that excites me. The past couple weekends I’ve either had to work, or I’ve had something else going on that takes up the majority of my day. I’m kicking things off by getting a manicure and pedicure at a new to me salon in Chesterfield. They are supposed to have Zoya polish, which is a “3-free” polish, meaning it doesn’t contain the bad for you chemicals that most polish has. Also, based on the reviews I’ve read for the polish, it apparently is very long-lasting. So I’m looking forward to that. Then it’s home to really CLEAN my house up, since two certain doggies are hell-bent on destroying it at least once a week. I bought some more hangers, because I ran out, and some one decided those would be fun to chew up. Plus all the poor tennis balls and stuffies some other dog has decided to disembowel on a daily basis means lots of little pieces of fluff and rubber laying around pretty much every room of the house. All in all, the house is just a mess.

I would also like to take a little time this weekend and organize both my pantry and our closet. I want to get some of those bins, and use those for my shoes, so they aren’t piled up on the floor and spilling out into the bed room. Cleaning my car out is another must happen this weekend. It’s absolutely filthy, and having the chance to start warm weather off with a nice clean car would be fantastic!

Also, there are obviously a couple posts that I need to get up (eh hem, race recap!) so I might take a few minutes and get those together.

All in all, I’m hoping to have a fantastic weekend and I hope you all do the same!

What a Week

This week has felt a little crazy-Monday and Tuesday were beautiful with highs in the 80′s but then Wednesday morning it was snowing. What the hell right? Then yesterday was really nice with highs in the 60′s, and today it’s warmer, but fairly windy out.

I will get my race recap up here shortly. I thought it was a pretty good little race, but I was feeling it the next two days! Tuesday I went out for a 2 mile run with the dog, and then last night I took her out again for three miles. I had some ankle/foot and hip pain during the run, and they are a little on the cranky side today, so I will have to see how I feel come Sunday, before heading out again.

I haven’t been to yoga in forever, and I really need to get back. However, since I’m doing taxes right now, and taking the dog on most of my runs because she needs the exercise just as much as I do (I’m trying to curb her slightly destructive tendencies-I don’t want to have to replace anything else) I can really only run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and weekends. And then only Sunday if I’m working Saturday. So I can’t wait for tax season to be over with, so I can re-work my workout schedule.

My last couple of weigh-ins didn’t go so well, but I feel like I did a bit better this week, so I’m hoping to see some kind of change. I really need/want to try out the metabolic testing that they offer, just so I can see where I should be, roughly. Sometimes I think I’m not consuming enough calories to lose weight and sometimes I feel like what I eat is detrimental to my success. So I’m never sure.

Anyways, I order a sample pack from the Honest Company. I’ve read a few reviews and every one of them said some pretty good things about the products, so once I get them and give them a whirl I will let you know.

Tonight, it’s Margarita Friday for my Grandpa’s birthday, and then tomorrow I have to work. Then Sunday is my niece’s birthday party, so my weekend is pretty booked as it is. I hope I find time to get in a run or make it to yoga sometime, because I can really use both!

Holy Infant Shamrock Shuffle-Race Review

March 8th, I ran the inaugural Holy Infant Shamrock Shuffle in Ballwin. It was put on by the Holy Infant Parrish. When I registered, the price was $30 and included a unisex Dri-Fit shirt and a finisher’s medal.

photo via Holy Infant Shamrock Shuffle Facebook Page

photo via Holy Infant Shamrock Shuffle Facebook Page

Since this was the first time for this race, I went in with a completely open mind. Race communications were a little lacking, other than an email from Fleet Feet the day before packet pickup, you could find out most of the info you needed from their Facebook page. I might be a little spoiled sounding, but I prefer one email with all the details I need, outlined, so that all I have to do is call up that particular message and not have to worry about having good service or a Wi-Fi connection to access the info. But other than that, everything was very detailed.

They offered plenty of parking in three different lots and there was quite a bit of street parking available as well. All at no cost. Which was a major bonus. You did have to walk a little to get to the start line, but there were officers out assisting with traffic flow so crossing street and intersections was pretty simple.

The race was contained within two sub-divisions, which I’m guess was to limit the number of road closures and provide a safer area for the race. I will say that the race volunteers and organizers did their best to keep cars on one side and runners on the other, but there were a few times when a car would creep up on runners/walkers or speed by going the opposite direction. So you definitely needed to be aware of what’s going on around you.

The course was pretty nice. There were obviously some nice houses to look at, and it was a moderately challenging course with some rolling hills and flat portions. It was all on pavement that was well maintained, so no big pot holes or cracks. It was designed as an out and back course.

At the end of the race there was the finish line (obviously!) where they were not only handing out the medals, but they were offering bottled water to runners after they crossed, which was really nice, since I’ve been to a few races where they pretty much either leave you to fend for yourself OR have actually packed up all their stuff even though there are still runners and walkers on the course.

They had a fun little post race party area at the parish, with wine, beer, bloody Marys, food and nonalcoholic drinks available. There were several little activities going on for the whole family and the one mile run started and ended very close to the party area. They also had a DJ and a bag piper, which was really neat to see.

I really enjoyed this race, and will definitely sign up to do it again. I LOVED how family friendly it was, and that they welcomed dogs with runners and even let me have two medals (which was really nice and I was grateful for!), one for me and one for my dog, Kaycee, who ran the race with me. I highly recommend this race if you are looking for a fun family oriented 5k with a moderate course. It went all went very smooth for an inaugural race, so I look forward to it getting even better in the years to come!

First Hints of Spring

Yesterday was a glorious mid-60 degree day! Which is much-needed after the ice-glaze hell that was Monday morning.

I wound up not getting into work until about 10:45, because when Dad says to come in late, you know the roads are probably fairly shitastic. I mean, the man drove to work during the Snowpocalypse a couple of years ago after Mo-Dot had shut down all the highways. He was all, “There wasn’t any traffic, it was great!”.

I had a pretty good weigh in with the Fleet Feet Ton of Fun program on Friday and then had a delicious chicken burrito for dinner. OMG it was so good! I can’t wait to have it again. And that was pretty much it for our Valentine’s day. I got M a gift card to a shooting range and he got me a North Face jacket, a new phone case, and some new jeans. Then I had the whole weekend off and it was glorious! I got the fabric picked out for the baby quilt that I am attempting to get together for some friends, got a pedicure, and did some other shopping. Sunday I spent a good portion of the day working on cleaning up the house (per the usual). It never got as nice as it was supposed to get over the weekend, but that’s ok.

Monday night I had to work, and then Tuesday I got to take my new Garmin out for its first test run. I charged my old Garmin the other day and when I took it off the charger it totally spazzed out and the light did nothing but flicker for to days straight. I’m pretty convinced that it is on its last legs so I went ahead and got the new Garmin 220.

I did a 1.5 mile run, because that was all I really had time for since I was late getting out of work and was hitting up yogahour at 5:30. The Katy Trail portion in Frontier Park was sloppy as all get out. Once you got past the pavilion it wasn’t nearly as bad, but there were still some pretty soggy parts. Needless to say, my shoes were (and still are) a pretty muddy, gravelly mess.

After running, I hit up yogahour and felt pretty great through class. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything, obviously, and I was pleased with how well I managed to keep up in class. I was a little sadden when I figured out I’ve been doing yoga for going on three years now, and I am pretty much pathetic when it comes to most of the poses. Oh well, I can only do what I can do, right?

I’m pretty terrible at motivation, and will power. And keeping track of things and being organized. I always tell myself that I’m going to do better but then I never do. Do any of you have anything that works for you? I could really use any tips or tricks that can come my way!

Great Weekend

This weekend was actually pretty fantastic! Friday I had a good weigh-in for the Ton of Fun program at Fleet Feet, and then a nice dinner at the Matador afterwards.

Saturday I had to work, but I got to work with some of my favorite people, and I didn’t have to work for the entire time because I had to take my niece to a birthday party to the Lindenwood Ice Rink. That’s right, ice skating. And this chick hasn’t ice skated since high school. But amazingly it came right back to me almost as soon as I stepped on the ice, which was really beneficial, considering the fact that I skated backwards most of the time keeping an eye on my niece, who has never skated before. I had a blast ice skating and I want to go again for open skate soon!

After ice skating I headed back to the office to finish up my shift, and then over to Big A’s house where him and M were finishing up a project. Then we had some delicious Steak & Shake for dinner.

Sunday was Loin’s Club Breakfast day, so we hit that up and then headed home to disaster. I forgot to put the trash can and the dog food container in the basement landing and somebody decided to destroy everything. So I spent most of the morning cleaning up that mess and then cleaned off the table so I can have some sewing room. Then I started working on a quilt kit that I began over a year ago. Around 10:40 my sister sent me a text asking if we wanted to go to the Egg & I for breakfast at 11:30. We went for lunch (which wasn’t that great) and then did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s and stopped by Treat’s Unleashed.

Then we went to the new outlet mall to check out the Oakley Vault and wandered around there before heading to West County Mall to look for a North Face jacket for me. I struck out at the actual North Face store, but scored at the Dick’s Sporting Goods there (which is super fancy). I also finally found my camo Otterbox case in my pattern and got that as well. We finished the day with some jean shopping and checking out the Lego store before grabbing pretzels and heading home.

Once we got home and had dinner (chicken with Marsala sauce, noodles, and some delish roasted cauliflower) we watched the mid-season premier of Walking Dead. And then since somebody decided to pee in the bed, we had to change sheets and rustle up some more covers. Thankfully it didn’t get on the actual mattress, so that was a plus. However, I slept terribly and was freezing for half the night.

So, I am very much looking forward to going to the chiropractor, work at the tax office, and then home straight to bed. I’m done for the day!