Catching Up

January kind of flew by! And now it’s on to February and supposedly another 6 weeks of winter (Thanks to good old Phil-not!).

I’m already dreaming of warmer weather and longer days, although it hasn’t been too cold, I’m pretty much over the whole getting dark right when I get home kind of thing. I want it to stay light outside for longer and I’m ready to not have the air hurt my face when I walk out the damn door every morning.

But enough about the weather.

January was pretty low-key, actually. I didn’t do much exciting for the majority of the month. No races, running, yoga, or much of anything took place. I started doing taxes again. And I’m already waiting for tax season to be over! Not too bad this year, but with the new healthcare stuff that we have to go through with people, it can make even what should be the simplest return easily a nightmare of rejects and mad clients. But I will struggle through I suppose.

At the end of the month, I did make an exciting new purchase-a bow! Not the hair kind but the kind you shoot and use for hunting. So I’ve been practicing with that, and am loving it so far! I can’t wait for hunting season to roll around :).

I also tried out several new recipes last month and almost all of them were hits. There were one or two that could use a little tweaking, but I’m looking forward to trying some of the again. I will definitely have to share here on the blog when I get a chance to make them again.

Oh Hey 2015!

So yeah, it’s officially the New Year now. Has been for a while. Sorry I’ve been vacant from the blog (for the three of you who actually read this ;) ). I haven’t had a whole lot to write about, so I’ve been laying pretty low. Don’t want to bore you excessively!

I haven’t really done anything at all so far this year, other than the usual boring crap that everyone does. I’ve been sick/getting over being sick since New Year’s Eve, so that’s pretty much kept me from running/yoga-ing/biking. I did manage to get the bikes in to get them serviced, so they are all ready to go when we are.

Since it is the new year, I guess it’s time to talk about goals or what not.

Every year I make some of the same goals for myself and pretty much every year I completely fail at them. It boils down to a complete and utter lack of willpower. I have none. So that is probably my biggest goal of the year. *Build some damn willpower.

I’m not talking about saying no to cake or candy (although I do love me some good candies. Cake I can take it or leave it.). I’m talking about actually following through with training plans, debt pay-off plans, take better care of myself plans. I do have some fairly big other goals for the year I have in mind, and in order to achieve them, I have to get myself some willpower. It typically only takes me a week to fall off course on something. And it doesn’t matter if I tell the world or keep it a secret. I simply have trouble following through with just about everything.


Some of my other goals for the year are to bike 2000 miles in 2015 (better get started!), improve my 5k and half marathon times, race a new distance (I’ve never ran a 10k, which is weird to me), be consistent with yoga, complete a sprint triathlon, try new things, and just in general be more healthy. I’m also going to work on my blogging skills (because let’s face it, I’m not very good at it) and improve my photography and art skills. So all typed out, it seems like a lot of stuff. Could I potentially be setting myself up for failure? Possibly. But I guess I won’t know until I try. And isn’t that part of what living is about?

Basset Hounds

Weird post title right? I’ll get to it in a minute.

So this whole Daylight Saving Time ending thing puts a major damper on my running. I’m not overly fond of treadmill running, and the only thing even remotely close to the level or boring that is treadmill running is running on a track (for me at least). So, if I don’t remember to pack running clothes to work, running after work outside is pretty much out of the question. So all this week I pretty much completely forgot to do that, with the exception of yesterday.

And naturally it was wind as hell outside.

But it did taper off a bit and since I decided to go run on the Katy Trail, it was a little more shielded from the wind.

I’ve decided to set goals for my runs, instead of just going out and running x number of miles. So last night I gave myself a goal of not letting my pace get over 16:00/mile. Please remember I am really slow, so this is a pretty decent goal for me.

Apparently I was a little over-excited about the whole thing because when I checked my pace after the first quarter-mile, I was running in the high 9:00/mile pace range! While it was nice to know that I could do that, it was not going to be a feasible pace to maintain for the duration of the run, and I had to very actively work on slowing down. I did manage to clock my first mile at 14:35 and I started to head back towards my car. I did take one quick walk break to stretch my back out, because I was having some tension in it, but other than that no walking at all during my run. My second mile came in a 15:40, which wasn’t a bad pace and my overall run time was 30:18, equating to a 15:09/mile pace.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the run and hitting my pace goal, and am looking forward to pushing myself to be a better runner this year. I’m hoping to set some new PR’s this year, so pushing myself in workouts and setting goals for my runs is what I need to be doing.

Now for the basset hound title. I want you to stop reading here for a minute and google basset hounds running. It’s cool, I’ll wait.

Ok, now don’t you feel ten times better than you did before?

I was running last night a passed a lady walking her two dogs. Well, she and one dog were walking, the other dog was trying to keep up by running. And he was a basset hound. And I COULD NOT stop my self from getting a laugh out of it. He just looked so adorable running along all floppy-faced!

Today is a rest day for me and then I have yoga and running on tap for tomorrow and biking on Sunday (hopefully!). I’m looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend.

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a pretty fantastic weekend, and it actually kicked off on Thursday evening, when I stopped by our local Fleet Feet to check some stuff out/kill time before dinner. Of course I spent money there and got some pretty sweet compression socks and a couple of tubes of watermelon Nuun (because that is my favorite flavor and it is typically only available during the summer). Low and behold the sales lady who was chatting with me turned out to be the author of one of my favorite books, The Lola Papers,¬†Amy Marxkors! It was really nice to get to meet her, and I probably geeked out about way more than I ever have about any other famous person I’ve met. She was so adorable and sweet! She has a new book out about Iron(wo)man Teri Griege, entitled¬†Powered by Hope: The Teri Griege Story. I haven’t read that one yet, but I may have to check it out.

After that excitement we had dinner since Friday was Halloween, and no one could make it. Then it was home to bed. Friday I worked of course then stopped off and got some candy and a new Crockpot before picking up dinner for the boys and eating White Castles in the dark next to a corn field (much excitement!). Then home to greet my trick or treaters and eat some candy and watch TV.

Saturday I got up and cleaned up the house some before heading out to catch the 9 a.m. Yogi’s Unite class. Unfortunately I missed that one by a minute and waited around until the 10:30 Yoga Basics class, which still provided a nice stretch for the day. I thought about running while I was there, but deemed it to chilly and instead waited until later in the day and headed out to Indian Camp Creek to run two miles before going to the grocery store.

I really tried to focus on my pacing for this run, and while the first mile wasn’t exactly what I wanted (16:46), I pushed a lot harder the second mile to maintain a pace under 16 minutes and squeaked by with a 15:52 mile. That brought my two-mile run to a total of 32:38 for an average pace of 16:20 per mile. I didn’t walk once and pushed myself up the hill at the end even though I desperately wanted to slow down. I’m pretty pleased with this run considering it’s my first run back after doing the half-marathon last month. I’m going to work on setting goals for most of my runs, like trying to maintain a certain pace or hit a certain time and I want to work on doing that in my races this year as well.

Sunday started out both nicely and a little rough. We had breakfast with some friends and then headed home where I got the pleasure of taking apart our sump pump and scrubbing it out and vacuuming out the pit. Then I got to spray for spiders, which seem really bad this fall. After that it was turkey breast in the crock pot and laundry. Instead of folding each individual load as it came out of the dryer, I just dumped it all on the bed and then folded it all at once before bedtime. I think it helped in not getting tired of stopping what ever I was doing and folding clothes and towels. Then M finally got home and we had turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner. I used a McCormicks packet gravy mix and I swear it tasted just like stuffing mix! I actually used some on my mashed potatoes and I am typically anti-gravy 100%.

Now just to make it through this last hour and a half before heading home!

Google Drive

Where have you been all my life?

I remember using Google Docs occasionally when I was on the board for the Dockdogs club I belong to, but since I’ve been out of that for a while I haven’t messed with it too much. Consider me changed! I’ve been using the spreadsheets to create training plans, Christmas shopping lists, and an address book. I’m also going to look at using it as a training log/journal since I can access it from any device (hello being able to use my iPhone and tablet), even without internet. So sweet.

Enough geeking out about it though.

Last night we went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. We went to a relatively new place called Bishop’s Post. It has a classic/comfort types of food. Instead of bread, you get a basket of homemade potato and sweet potato chips with onion dip. M and I polished off a basket of these by ourselves (I was starving!). We ordered several different appetizers since there were several of us at the dinner. We got: pistachio Encrusted Baked Brie (did not try it, but M said it was pretty good), Spinach & Artichoke Dip (my favorite), Pulled Pork Potato Skins (needed way more flavor), and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (shockingly, I only thought these were ok). My parents split a spinach salad, and my dad didn’t care for it so he gave his half to me. I thought it was pretty good, though not as good as the one you can get at the Melting Pot. Both M and I got filet mignon for dinner, which came with mashed potatoes (fairly decent) and a vegetable medley (I think it was a stretch to call it a medley, since it was just broccoli and carrots, but it was pretty good). The filet was cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely and I devoured the whole thing. I was feeling moderately miserable by the end of dinner! Afterwards, we headed to mom and dad’s for cake and ice cream (which I did not partake in, because stuffed!).

I’m getting more excited to start running regularly again (of course right when it’s going to be dark when I get home-hello treadmill!) and getting on my bike and to yoga. I’ve decided to do the Chesterfield Turkey Trot this year, and then the Santa’s North Pole Dash again. I probably won’t be doing the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k this year, mostly because I don’t feel like trekking all the way down to the city twice in one weekend and I don’t know of anyone else attending who could pick up my stuff for me. As for next years running, I’ve already drawing up training plans for two half-marathons and I’m looking in to participating in my first triathlon (!!!). I’m super excited!

Lazy or Smart?

I’m super excited because I just finished placing my first order with Green Bean Delivery! I first found out about them through the MO’ Cowbell website, and then we got a code for $15 off our first order in our virtual race bag. So to use it before the end of the month (I think it expired then) I placed my order today for our first bin. I don’t know if having groceries delivered like this would be considered lazy or smart? I do still have to go to the store for some items, but having things delivered to me seems really nice as well.

What it is, is a delivery service for fresh, organic produce and other organic goods from their grocery store. Most of the items are local, and they show where they come from on the website while you are browsing the store. I picked out several vegetables and a couple of fruits, and then got two boxes of crunchy Clif Bars because we prefer those over the regular Clif Bars at our house. My bin gets delivered on Thursday, so I will be sure to let you know all about the goodies that come in it and the quality of everything.

My weekend went fairly well, with a few bumps here and there. Friday night, some friends of ours had a little Halloween party, complete with bonfire and hay ride. It was fun to sit around and chat with everyone. It feels so strange sometimes, because I graduated high school with all these people, but never hung out with them or even knew most of them in school (I transferred to a large school in the middle of my junior year). It was a pretty good time and the hay ride was nice. It was truly excellent party weather.

Saturday started off going nowhere close to how I had planned. M got up and went duck hunting, and I slept in and bummed around for another couple of hours when I noticed Kaycee’s eye looked weird. Upon closer inspection it appeared very similar to when she had pink eye several years ago. I took the off-chance that my vet would be open on Saturday to call and get her in. Luckily they were and we came away a little poorer and with some fun eye ointment to put in her eyes twice a day for the next seven days.

Then I headed out to Clarksville to see the trapper-guy to get M’s birthday present. We are a pretty outdoorsy duo, even though I spend most of my time cooped up in an office, so hunting and fishing are things we enjoy. M recently is getting back into trapping, so it will be interesting to see all that first hand this year. After picking up the traps, I stopped by my grandparents and visited for a little while before heading home and resting because I could feel a headache coming on. We wrapped up the evening with dinner with my parents for M’s birthday, and a little outdoorsy shopping at Cabela’s.

Sunday I got up early to make breakfast for the boys while they were duck hunting, and then tried to go back to sleep but mostly just watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween reruns on TV. After a bit, I got up and headed over to my in-laws to grab some stuff to take my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary portrait. They got all dressed up and looked so adorable! They’ve been together for forever (obviously) and are a pretty great example of a good marriage.

After that I headed back to my in-laws and registered for some tax classes I need to take and then picked up lunch for everyone out on the farm. I firmly solidified my best wife ever status and rode in the combine for a bit before heading back home to do laundry. Where the second crappy part of the weekend happened.

We live in an old house. Which means there are a few places for bugs to get in. I was down in the basement putting in a load of jeans and I went to put in those little Downy scent things and I stepped on something sharp. At first I thought I stepped on a splinter of wood, but then the pain intensified a whole bunch and I picked my foot up to shake it out and a wasp fell down in the floor. It stung me right underneath my second toe! And holy shit did it hurt! I have not been stung by a wasp in over 20 years, I’m sure, since I was a little kid and I’ve never stepped on one. My second toe and my big toe hurt like crazy and then the toe I got stung on puffed up really big. I put an ice pack on it and that definitely helped and it hurt a little bit this morning, but thankfully I have not developed an allergy to stings. From here on out though, it’s some kind of shoe at all times in the basement!