So-What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Let’s see, a lot of stuff has been happening around my hood since I posted last.

I got a new car the weekend of the Ferguson Twilight 5k and the Zoo 5k. The Equinox had given me some trouble the last couple years, plus it had nearly 145,000 miles on it (it was a brand new 2011 when I got it), and when we got notice that they were buying back used Equinox’s at a good price, M decided to investigate a little bit. He spoke to his cousin who works for a car dealership and we decided to go look at a few cars there. Of course, we wound up getting a brand new 2014 Santa Fe. I really like it so far, and I think it will be a good little car. It has quite a bit more room than my old car and it gets slightly better gas mileage thus far as well.

So there was that little exciting bit.

Then Memorial Day weekend was upon us and I had to make deserts for the party we were attending on Sunday. I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheese Cake Bars and Ghiridelli Triple Fudge Brownies because those are the best brownies ever. At the party we pretty much just hung out and played Xbox because we are children and don’t want to interact with anyone.

I hit up a couple of yoga classes and I realized just how much I missed yoga! I need to work on fitting it all back in to my schedule better. I was loving the sweat and even though some of the poses I can’t do, I didn’t feel discouraged by it in any way.

The house is and always will be a disaster area! I can’t seem to get it all caught up. So I’ve been spending a good chunk of time trying to get it all in order, and just when I think I have it, something else comes along and tips it all off the rails again. We did get one of the doors painted, as well as the concrete foundation part of the house that is visible above ground level. I also got my tomato and bell pepper plants planted, along with some flowers for decoration.

So I guess that pretty much wraps up everything until this weekend. I had some errands to do, like paying my sales tax, getting a new flat-iron since mine ate shit and died on me, finding the quilt pattern I needed. I was picking up my flat-iron when all of a sudden it started to POUR down rain outside. I figured M wouldn’t be working, so I ran to my car (getting soaked in the process) and called him to see if he wanted some lunch from town. He was actually in Wentzville already, so we met up and headed to St. Charles to get him some new boot laces from the boot store (they give them to him for free since he bought his boots there). We ate lunch ate Hooter’s (General Tso’s boneless wings FTW) and then stopped by Costco. I’m pretty sure we are the only people who walk in to that store and only buy three things.

I had been wanting a bike for YEARS, but just hadn’t gotten it together to get one. After reviewing my finances, I figured out I could afford to get a bike, so we headed over to Granada Cyclery to check them out. We left with not one, but TWO bikes! So that was very exciting.

Afterwards we headed home and got ready to head over to M’s sister’s house to celebrate her husband’s birthday with some BBQ. Everything was super delicious, and after hanging for a while, we headed home and passed out.

Sunday we got up and ate breakfast, then got ready to go on our first bike ride with our new bikes. We went down to the Katy Trail, and wound up riding for 11 miles. We haven’t had a chance to get out since then, but we did get my new bike rack installed on the car and can’t wait to get back out! Hopefully the rain goes away soon so we can make that happen.

I’m doing the All American 5k this weekend, so I’ve been working out the logistics for that. I skipped last year, but the year prior I waited forever for a shuttle back to the start line, so I’m thinking I will park at the finish and shuttle to the start line this year. I’m looking forward to doing the race again, and hope that I can better my time!

Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k Race Recap

So to round out my race weekend, on Sunday I did the Make Track for the Zoo 5k.

Last year I took advantage of the packet mailing and since it worked out so well I did it again this year. Way easier than trying to get my shirt, number, and all the other stuff they give you in the bag at the event and trucking back across the Zoo then making to the start on time. Convenience is the name of the game.

I got there around 7, and took the time to get myself ready. My legs were a little sore and stiff from the Twilight 5k the night before, but I figured they would loosen up some during the race.

I got to the start and lined up just past the last pace sign, to try to avoid a lot of weaving through people. Since it’s such a family friendly event, there are quite a few walkers. And the course stays fairly congested for the first half mile or so.

After the National Anthem and the starting horn, we were off. I tried to use the live tracking feature on Runtastic, but my friends said they couldn’t quite get it to work. Mile one was pretty slow for me, trying to work my legs out of their crankiness. Mile two was slightly better, and I didn’t have to worry about stopping at the water station since I made sure to bring my own water bottle. They only have one, and only so many volunteers, so it can get pretty crowded. Once I hit the halfway point, things started to work out and turn around and I was able to pick up the pace some. I passed some friends in the third mile, and kept on trucking. With about a third of the race left, I could definitely feel the effects of two 5k’s twelve hours apart and no running or training. I was slowing WAY down. I tried my best to push through it and managed to make it across the finish line and run the entire race.


  • Finish Time- 53:20
  • Average Pace- 17:10/mile
  • Overall Place- 1527/1827
  • Female- 988/1213
  • F25-29- 142/158

This was the first time I actually made a play list of songs for a particular race and I have to say it worked out pretty well, because I didn’t waste any time trying to find a particular song or skipping around on my iPhone.

I didn’t have my Garmin charged, and I didn’t have my armband for my iPhone, so I am sticking with my chip time for this race as well. All in all, I think my racing weekend went pretty well. I didn’t get injured or die, so those two things are a definitely plus. It also makes me anxious to get out there and get back to running and yoga-ing!

Ferguson Twilight Race Recap

This past Saturday I ran the Ferguson Twilight 5k/10k race held in Ferguson.

This was the second evening race I’ve done, and I’d heard good things about it so I decided to give it ago.

I haven’t run in forever, so I wasn’t expecting to go out and bust a new PR. I didn’t even have my Garmin charged, so I just decided to go with it. I got down to Ferguson around 5:45 and spent the next 15 to 20 minutes trying to figure out where to park. I finally made it to the high school and got parked and walked over to the shuttle to head down and pick up my bib and shirt.

Once I got those my next mission was to find a bathroom. I was standing in line for the port-a-potties and this lady cut right in front of me. Super rude. Her friend was in front of me and she just walked up all, “hey how’s it going haven’t seen you in forever”. So her friend was clearly not holding a place for her. Etiquette for a lot of folks was lacking a little in this particular event.

More on that later.

I wandered over to the line and got in position towards the back of the group and then we were off. The first mile was ok, I spent a lot of time trying to find a “groove” but there were lots of people around and quite a bit of crowd support, considering we were running through a residential area. There was one big hill that felt like it went on FOREVER. I was certain I was going to die.

Mile two was relatively flat, and at that point the 10k runners (who started 20 minutes prior) joined back on to the course. There weren’t cones or anything dictating a lane for them, but again this will go under the lack of etiquette I will address a little later.

Per the usual, mile two was my struggle mile, and I did stop and walk a couple of times. Once we hit mile three, there was another significant hill, but not as long as the first one. I felt like I was able to pick up a little more speed this mile, even though my right hip was being a little cranky. I was able to pick up the pace a little more and get through the finish.

After that it was a little crazy, there were people trying to direct you to get some water, snacks, your medal and then move through to the open park area to enjoy the rest of the festivities. However, people where just standing in clumps every where and trying to get through them was a bit nightmarish.

Overall, for not running in forever, I felt like I had a pretty decent race. I didn’t go balls to the wall, considering I had another race the next morning, but I feel like I put on a pretty good effort.


  • Finish- 52:31
  • Average Pace: 16:54/mile
  • Overall- 1001/1225
  • Female- 634/812
  • F20-29- 89/100

Now a little note on race and running etiquette:

Don’t cut in line at the port-a-potties or bathrooms. Even if your friend is really close to the front UNLESS they were saving you a spot because you had to step out of line really quick for some reason. It’s super rude and some people really have to go and maybe don’t have a super strong bladder or some other issue.

The slower you are, the farther to the right of the course. Faster runners *should* keep to the left. If you are approaching someone and they are smack in the middle of your way, give them an “on your left!” before you approach so they don’t collide with you or get in your way some how. And faster runners, you’re super quick! Congrats to you! Don’t weave around me and give me a dirty look or make anyone feel stupid for trying. It’s ignorant. I’m trying to do my best to stay out of your way. If everyone works together, running/walking can be enjoyable for EVERYONE!!

People doing events with young kids. I think it’s great that you are getting your young ones out there. It’s a fantastic activity and it set a great example and gives them something to work towards and be proud of. But keep an eye on them. Don’t let them run really far a head of you and then scream at them to stop so you can catch up. Teach them the right way to run or walk in a race. This will keep everyone safe. Nobody wants to trip over a child and hurt themselves and/or the kid.

Finally and most importantly-Pay attention to the course marshals. They will tell you where you need to go, if there are merges on the course, etc. And course marshals, make sure you let the runners/walkers know! Merging will go so much smoother if everyone has a heads up that faster/farther runners are going to be joining in the group.


I can’t believe it’s nearly May! Where did all the time go?

Tax season is finally over (has been for a week now!) and I’ve been focusing on getting things organized around the house. The past few weekends have been pretty busy and I feel like I’m hardly at home sometimes. But I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Easter weekend was pretty good, I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I went to the new fabric shop that opened recently and got some really cute new fabrics and had lunch with my sister. Saturday I did a little running around and rode with M in the tractor for a while. Later we ran to the grocery shop and got the fixings to make Baja Chicken Gorditas at home. They were so good!

Also, I’d like to know how I’ve managed to live my life without the goodness of freshly grated parmesan cheese! Holy cow that stuff is so freaking good. We’ve pretty much decided that we can never have old-school sprinkle cheese ever again.

Sunday was of course Easter, and we went over to the in-laws for breakfast first. We hung out there for a few hours, then came home dropped the dogs off and went to my parents for Easter dinner. We watched a couple of movies and some TV, went on our own egg hunt, and had a pretty delicious dinner that my sister and I had planned out.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend and I’ve been spending the past few days catching up on house work after regular work. I’m looking forward to this weekend, which will hold clay bird shooting and dog training. I also want to get some pictures done, quilt blocks cut, and a whole crap load of other stuff, but we shall see what the weekend holds in store!

April Showers

I am so glad that the weather is finally warming up some. And doing so in a consistent manner, versus being really nice for one day and then super cold and crappy the next. Only three more working days until tax season is over (for me) and then I can get back into some kind of routine.

While I only work a few days out of the week during tax season, there is something about it that throws everything off. If I want to go running, I have to do it on days that I would normally go to yoga on. And since I’ve been trying to take the dog running with me, that doesn’t really work out for yoga since she is at home, and yoga is a good 30 or so minutes away.

Then add in the fact that each weekend I am working or doing something that takes up a majority of one day during the weekend, or both days even, it’s a little hard to do my bulk house cleaning. Not to mention that is a little difficult to clean house when you have the dog equivalent of a two year old running around your house. And since I don’t have a completely fenced in back yard, he can only go out on a leash. Which means he doesn’t get to burn off all that excess, pent up energy he has going on. There are dog parks, but a) he isn’t fixed yet and b) a lot of the owners at these dog parks don’t pay attention to the dogs nor do they understand the signs that a dog isn’t ready for such stimulus like a dog park. So we really don’t frequent those. Rusty does have an appointment next week, so we will be checking on neutering and get some kind of time line down on that, and then it’s simply a matter of getting fixed and healed up (fingers crossed for a negative heartworm test!) and he gets to come down to work where he has a big fenced yard to run in and lots of people to pay attention and give him love. He is a very good dog, and I think he will be so much happier down here and not cooped up in a kennel for the majority of the day.

I hope to spend the rest of this week and weekend planning menus, cleaning, and getting things sorted out so that once tax season is officially done for me, I can step right into the routine I need and want to have and don’t have to worry about anything else!

And I’m Sickly

Happy first day of Spring!!

So glad winter is finally officially out of here. Now I just hope that it stays Spring out, and doesn’t revert back to winter like we had a few times last year (I think it was last year at least).

But lucky me-I believe I am battling what is a sinus infection. Tuesday afternoon I started getting that sneezing tickle-like feel that typically precede the stuffy nose that comes with a sinus infection. Which is a bummer. I grabbed to Power-C Boost juices when I stopped at the grocery store Tuesday evening in hopes of warding it off or at least attempting to put as much vitamin C in my body as possible. Then I downed one as soon as I got home and took a small dose of NyQuil before bed, but woke up feeling blah. So I tried some allergy medicine and some day time cold and sinus meds, but those didn’t seem to help. Especially the allergy medicine, since I had a massive allergy attack later in the day. So I took more allergy meds and daytime cold and sinus meds. I figured I’d probably have a heart attack considering how much medicine I took over the course of the day.

Now here we are a few days later and it seems to have moved from one side of my head to the other. Thank goodness my Honest Co. sampler box arrived because I have a feeling I am going to be putting the healing balm to good use.  My nose and lips are getting so dried out and chapped from constantly blowing and wiping my nose it’s ridiculous.

I have the whole weekend off, and I can’t begin to tell you how much that excites me. The past couple weekends I’ve either had to work, or I’ve had something else going on that takes up the majority of my day. I’m kicking things off by getting a manicure and pedicure at a new to me salon in Chesterfield. They are supposed to have Zoya polish, which is a “3-free” polish, meaning it doesn’t contain the bad for you chemicals that most polish has. Also, based on the reviews I’ve read for the polish, it apparently is very long-lasting. So I’m looking forward to that. Then it’s home to really CLEAN my house up, since two certain doggies are hell-bent on destroying it at least once a week. I bought some more hangers, because I ran out, and some one decided those would be fun to chew up. Plus all the poor tennis balls and stuffies some other dog has decided to disembowel on a daily basis means lots of little pieces of fluff and rubber laying around pretty much every room of the house. All in all, the house is just a mess.

I would also like to take a little time this weekend and organize both my pantry and our closet. I want to get some of those bins, and use those for my shoes, so they aren’t piled up on the floor and spilling out into the bed room. Cleaning my car out is another must happen this weekend. It’s absolutely filthy, and having the chance to start warm weather off with a nice clean car would be fantastic!

Also, there are obviously a couple posts that I need to get up (eh hem, race recap!) so I might take a few minutes and get those together.

All in all, I’m hoping to have a fantastic weekend and I hope you all do the same!